Data Protection

Data Protection & Privacy

Data Privacy Day 2023: keeping data secure and compliant

On the 17th annual Data Privacy Day — also known as Data Protection Day — we explore what organisations need to consider this year when it comes to keeping data secure and compliant with regulations

Data Analytics & Data Science

Empowering NetApp customers with data management

Cloud & Edge Computing

Developing an app suite for multi-cloud data logistics

Business Continuity

Shifting emphasis towards cloud-first data protection

Data Protection & Privacy

What will a UK version of GDPR look like?

Data Protection & Privacy

Information Age guide to data + privacy

AI & Machine Learning

How AI could be a game-changer for data privacy

Data Protection & Privacy

Best GDPR compliance software for CTOs

Data Protection & Privacy

Data privacy audit checklist – how to compile one

Data Protection & Privacy

What is the role of the data manager?


Data encryption: what can enterprises learn from consumer tech?

Governance, Risk and Compliance

High-tech legislation through self-regulation